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How It Works
Delivering food from the kitchen to the customers.
Choose Your Meals
100+ menu of nutritious dishes
We Prepare & Deliver
Cooked by chefs, we seal and pack them
No Cooking Required
Simply heat and meal is ready in 3 minutes
Eat & Repeat
Subscribe or personalised your delivery plan

Custom Meal Plans

Design your own meal plan by customising the type of proteins that best suits your diet goal

Muscle Gain

Support muscle growth and strength gains, and ease muscle recovery with a nutrient-packed, high protein meal.

Eat Well

High-quality proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats create a balanced macronutrient meal plan to suit your lifestyle.

Weight Loss (no carbs)

Carefully developed to maximise nutritional values, the weight loss no-carb meal plan is rich in protein and healthy fats.

Weight Loss (low carbs)

Fuelling up with proper nutrients with our low carb meal plan to achieve your weight loss goals and feel energised.

Monsta Stars Say
Personalise Your Diet
Build a personalised meal plan based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Reach your diet and nutritional goals with our qualified nutritionist.
Eat Healthy With Us
Good health and vitality drive peak performance and productivity at work. Our meal plans are designed to fuel up - in and/or out of office
Nourish Your Body And Mind
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