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Satisfy Your Goals
With Delicious Meals
Dietmonsta has been on a mission to make healthy eating accessible since 2016.We create tasty meals designed to make you feel great. Our menus consist of nutritional goals to help you eat what works best for you. We use the freshest ingredients, carefully count the nutrients, and deliver them straight to your door.
Dietmonsta Community
At Dietmonsta, we do all the work as we believe you deserve to eat delicious and healthy meals without having to compromise on time.
Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Together With Us:
We cook with fresh ingredients daily
Meals prepared by a gourmet chef and nutritionist
We offer goal-based meal plans with numerous calorie options
No additives, preservatives or processed foods
Easy to store, no prep or stress
Our Kitchen
Our central kitchen is more than just a kitchen. It’s our home where creatives, marketers, sales, researchers, nutritionists, tech, and finance all gather under one roof. Our home provides us with the space to dream big, create new recipes, compile customer feedback, and launch new menus. Contact us
Monsta Man
In 2016, with a steadfast resolve, Kah Fei set out to transform his lifestyle. His journey attuned him to the process of muscle gain and the importance of balance between a healthy diet and a proper workout. He had an idea, what if everyone looking to lead a wholesome lifestyle had access to nutritious, healthy meals? Dietmonsta was born! He realised that it was about proper knowledge, the mindset and the consistency. He wished to spread the experience to help others transform into their ideal weight and body and promote a healthy lifestyle by investing in their health.